Information on Examination of Kidney Function You Need to Know

Kidney function examination is an examination procedure carried out to find out how well the kidneys are working and to detect interference with the organ. On examination of kidney function, blood and urine of the patient will be taken for later observed in the laboratory. Kidney is a pair of organs located behind the abdominal cavity (retroperitoneal), and serves to remove residual substances and excess fluid from the blood. In addition to maintaining fluid balance, this organ also serves to maintain the balance of mineral levels in the body, and helps the formation of vitamin D, red blood cells, and hormones that regulate blood pressure. If a person experiences kidney damage, the kidneys cannot perform their functions optimally causing various disorders in the body. To detect the presence of kidney disease and determine whether the kidneys are working properly, a person must undergo an examination of kidney function. Types of Kidney Function Examination There are kidney functio
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